Custom PixelQuilts

Custom  quilts made to order
Not a quilter?

If you would like a custom quilt made from your photo, contact me. 

Quilts made from high quality quilting cotton fabric, cotton batting, dense artistic quilting.

1" finished pixels - $160 per square foot - large quilts.

1/2" finished pixel - $350 per square foot. (four times the resolution of the 1" pixels) - for smaller quilts. 

...send an email to Wendy Lewis and include. 

  • your name and contact information.
  • the approximate finished size needed.
  • if you want the quilt in 1" or 1/2" finished pixels.
  • an image file. Almost any format is acceptable.

I'll email you some proofs and an address for you to send half down.

Please call me if you would like more details, information, resume, references, samples, and photos. This fee covers image processing, piecing, all fabric, batting, back, quilting, and hanging sleeve or loops. A complete wall hanging or bed quilt from your photograph. 330-687-8784. 

Copyright Wendy Lewis 2001-2011

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