Pixelized Image

Pixelized Image of the Scarecrow used as a reference
Order your own PixelQuilt pattern.
The Pixelized Image is used as a reference for final assembly.
This is a picture of how your quilt will look when you are through. As you assemble the squares onto the fusible grid, you will occasionally need a sanity check. Use the minimizing/reducing lens to make sure that your pieces are beginning to look like the pixelized image. 


  1. Pixelized Image to see what the picture will look like.
  2. Color Pallet to determine the fabric colors and match numbers to colors.
  3. Pixel Count to determine how much yardage of each color you need.
  4. Pixel Map to place the squares on the grid.
  5. Full instructions on creating your own PixelQuilt.

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