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Chloe for Barbara Marnin.
The PixelQuilt class is an intense one day, a paced weekend, or a relaxed week long class. This class introduces all steps used in making a PixelQuilt. It includes quick cutting tricks, easy assembly with fusible grid, and a paint-by-number approach to creating an amazing likeness of your pet, child, grandchild, or home.  Students may choose to purchase a pattern made from their own photo, or select from the patterns I have available.

We will select fabrics, if it held in or near a quilt shop. If not, I'll send the PixelQuilt Palette to students ahead of time to allow them to select fabrics before the class. In the class we will cut squares and iron them to the fusible web. We will try to complete at lease one panel to start the sewing process. 

This method is a success to all students, regardless of how far they get in the quilt. They will be amazed as they start to see the image emerge!

Pattern processing of student photos for a class $30.

Fabric Painting

We will paint fabrics in 3 hours the first day, the wait for them to dry overnight. The next day will be a full day of raw-edge, appli-quilting. We will use a variety of applique patterns including my own patterns. Only taught in 2 or 3 day workshops.


Boring to Beautiful

Do you have an old quilt top just lying around that needs something wonderful to happen to it? Use it as a background for this machine appliqué or broidery purse project. This class can be 2 hours to a full weekend class. It lets students use parts of unfinished or unliked quilts as a background for an applique design of their choice and I'll bring samples . 

Intro to Art Quilting Techniques

The class will teach five art quilting techniques. Each class will introduce a new technique by starting a sample piece, which the students will finish at home. Techniques include five of these techniques; fusing, curved piecing, flip and sew, original paper piecing, embellishments, machine appliqué.


 Color Theory for Quilters

The class will teach you to pull fabrics for stunning quilts in any pattern. Turn out high impact quilts just by learning how to use value, the color wheel, and other universal design elements.

Also available as a guild lecture with lots of quilts as examples of different color combinations.





Curved Stack and Slash

Come stack up some fabrics and slash them in curves! We will sew them back together in a simple curve sewing method. Learn that curves are not as scary as you thought.


Flip and Sew Crazy

Use a simple foundation technique to make a beautiful crazy quilt with your scraps or memorabilia fabrics. Include memorobelia fabrics including non-cotton specialty fabrics like silks, velvets, and satins then embellish the seams with decorative threads in fancy machine stitches or hand embroidery.


Flip & Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

Use your Christmas fabrics or blue/silvers or purple/golds or make it a truly scrappy scrap quilt. This flip and sew method on a foundation will make a usably large Christmas tree skirt in a flash. It’s also a great gift. Beginning level.

Denim Rag Quilt               

Rag quilts can be so much fun. In this class we’ll make a denim rag quilt using recycled denim with large print cottons. Use a collection of conversation prints you've been saving for the right project. It’s a real knockout with the teenagers or make it a snuggly quilt for the TV room.


Begin Quilting with a QUILT!

The class will teach all aspects of beginning quilting by completing a simple triple rail lap size quilt in 6 weeks. The class includes instruction in rotary cutting, strip piecing, block assembly, borders, layering, basting, quilting, and binding.


Email or call 330-687-8784 for full supply lists and more information.

1 to 2 hours - $75 plus travel

One day - 6 hours - $150 plus expenses

Two days - 8 to 12 hours - $275 plus expenses

Five days - negotiable 

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