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"Steve & Reba" by Wendy Lewis 36" x 61"

but 72 x 122 squares

This was a wedding gift for two friends Steve and Rebecca. It is my first version in 1/2" pixels. I like the format. It's easier to see the picture and smaller on the wall. Any pattern can be made in either 1" or 1/2" format. Neither is hard.

"Wendy"  by Wendy Lewis 40" x 72"

The picture was clipped from the background of this photo. I used a wide variety of prints in the hair and blouse, while sticking to smaller prints and solids for the face. See the pixelized version here.

"Lily"  by Wendy Lewis 41" x 53"

This picture of my daughter was the first PixelQuilt I did on a challenge. It received such attention, that I had a coder friend, Rick Altimus, create a program that makes the process easier. I can now turn out a PixelQuilt top in a week of evenings (after my day job.)

"Killer"  by Wendy Lewis 32" x 43"

I wanted to try a quilt with low resolution and, likewise, a very small size. My neice Kelsey Shaffer was the subject. Her nic name is Killer. Fits, don't it?

"Angie" by Wendy Lewis 45" x 50"

This isn't the picture that the quilt was made from, but I like it! More people have me do pictures of their pets than their children/grandchildren. Many because if they did a quilt of one grandchild, they'd have to do them ALL!

"Miss Molly" by Wendy Lewis 60" x 42"

This is a picture of Molly Beilstein, another niece. I played with the background color to get the purples I wanted. I can adjust the colors of your photo as long as you realize that I am a professional artist, not a professional photo editor.

"MegaWatts" by Wendy Lewis 50 x 70 squares

This my next quilt and my last remaining neice. See what I mean about having to do one of each! The more of these I do, the higher I make the resolution. Who cares if it takes a little longer to do if it looks better when you are through.

"Red Red Rose" by Wendy Lewis 50 x 50 squares

"Sunny Sunflower" by Wendy Lewis 50 x 41 squares

"Choo Choo Train" by Wendy Lewis 70 x 63 squares

These are quilts made from the four patterns that I sell. See the digital version on the pattern page. 

"Kitty Kitty" by Wendy Lewis 45 x 50 squares

Each of these patterns can be done in 1" squares, making them the size in inches that the patter say in squares. If you do them in 1/2" squares, each dimension is half the squares listed, which makes them MUCH smaller wall hangings and easier to see.

See also, some pixelized photos that I've done for customers and students. I hope they send me photos of the quilts when they finish! 
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