To order a PixelQuilt pattern...

Wendy quilt

...send an email to Wendy Lewis Wendy at 330-687-8784

and send a check to:


Wendy Lewis

5418 Dailey Road 

Akron, OH 44319 


I will respond immediately!


For custom patterns, include:

  • your name and contact information.

  • the approximate finished size needed.

  • if you want to make the quilt in finished 1" pixels or finished 1/2" pixles.
  • an image file. Almost any format is acceptable.

I'll email you a couple proofs. When you decide which one you like, send a check for $40 to the address above.

I'll process your PixelQuilt, and after your check clears, send you the five items I promised. This fee covers processing for images any size. That's small enough for a corner of your trailer, or large enough for the apex of your church rectory.

For standard pattern orders, send $10 to the above address. No shipping charge! 
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