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4 Standard patterns that offer a smaller investment in time and money. To order patterns

"Kitty Kitty" by Wendy Lewis 45 x 50 squares

The Kitten quilt has 22 colors all in shades of pinks, purples, and browns. Made in the half inch scale, it is 23" x 25" and perfect for a smaller wall space.


"Red Red Rose" by Wendy Lewis 50 x 50 squares

The Rose quilt has 20 colors and will use every red in your stash! The rich, dark colors in the rose make the pink hightlights sing. 


"Choo Choo"  by Wendy Lewis 70 x 63 squares                             

Make this steam engine for a man in your life and he may help you with your quilting! It contains 40 colors and wide variety of hues. - $10


 "Sunny Sunflower" by Wendy Lewis 50 x 41 squares

I had to add more flowers and this was a favorite from my garden. It has 28 colors that depict a bright sunny day.- $10

See photos of the finished quilts from these patterns!
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