PixelQuilt Processing

This pixelized image became the Lily quilt on the Home page.

Order your own PixelQuilt pattern.
PixelQuilt processing is a labor intensive process that I do on my computer. My processing takes your photo and creates everything you need to make a quilt in the simple watercolor style. 

The process includes:

  • Image scanning if hard copy.
  • Cropping
  • Scaling
  • Color/Contrast/Brightness correction
  • Pixelizing
  • PixelQuilt mapping and indexing by Rick Altimus
  • Printing of the five items below.

What you get:

  1. Pixelized Image to see what the picture will look like.
  2. Color Pallet to determine the fabric colors and match numbers to colors.
  3. Pixel Count to determine how much yardage of each color you need.
  4. Pixel Map to place the squares on the grid.
  5. Full instructions on creating your own PixelQuilt.
Copyright Wendy Lewis 2001

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