Quilting Supplies

"Annie" by Becky Thomas

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Besides the pattern materials that I provide, you will need some items and basic sewing supplies.

Supplies needed:

         1 1/2 or 1" Fusible grid - The 1 " grid gives you a finished grid of one inch pixels. This resolution requires that you stand across the room, or use a minimizing/reducing lens. It is very easy to cut and sew. If you use the smaller 1" grid, it will give you " finished pixels. This size is  very easy to see, but a little more difficult to sew. The 1 fusible grid is very difficult to get now. You can use the 1 and interpolate.

         Mimimizing/reducing lens - Use this to see how your finished quilt will look and keep it handy for other people to see the finished image. I own 7 of these, because they keep getting lost. They are different sizes of hardware store door peeps.

         Clean pizza box - Draw a 2" grid inside the box and number each square for fabric squares organization. You can also use commercial plastic boxes with compartments available at craft shops.

         Sticky notes - Block off a small section of the Pixel Map and image to work on at one time. This helps your eyes track the numbers.

         Large ironing pad - This lets you arrange pieces on a section of the grid without having to stand at an ironing board. A towel also works.

         Rotary cutting supplies.

         Basic sewing supplies.

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