Wendy Lewis

Wendy quilt.
An artist turned quilter. See my other quilts
I grew up in an artistic family, exposed to the arts in every way imaginable. I have a degree in art, and after realizing that I wasn't going to marry into a life of luxury, got another degree in electronics. Technical Writing has been my living for over 20 years.

Art and engineering.... hmmmm - unlikely combination. I believe that this mixing of the right and left brains is why I came up with the pixelquilt concept and was able to see it through to a product easy enough to make for other people for only $40 a pattern.

My quilting started as a life long obsession with fabric combined with art. I've been been putting an artistic spin on traditional quilting in an effort to learn the basics, for about 5 years now - much to the chagrin of most of my teachers. Each class I take is another tool for making my own art quilts.

Besides technical writing, I now teach quilting classes, sell quilts, sell quilt patterns, sell paintings, do flower bed maintenance, teach dance lessons, and do a little web design. Sound like a starving artist? yup.  

Contact me anytime at 330-687-8784 or wendyjolewis@gmail.com

Wendy Lewis

5418 Dailey Road

Akron, OH 44319

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